1st Michael Bishop Cancer Institute Open in Chengdu

April 27, 2017 Bio-town Gazette


Creation of tumor taming therapies, oncoprotein-targeted polyploidytherapies and oncoprotein syntheticlethaltherapies, and R&D of the next generation of small molecule targeted anti-cancer drugs… On December 30th, 2016, the world’s first Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research was inaugurated in Chengdu, marking its official landing in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town (hereinafter referred to as “the Bio-Town”). The institute is the world’s first cancer institute named after the Nobel laureate Prof. Michael Bishop, which aims at growing into a world-class comprehensive cancer institute for discovery, development, and manufacture of new targeted anti-cancer drugs.

“Based in West China, the institute will make full use of the excellent biomedical resources here and integrate natural product reserves, traditional Chinese medicine and basic cancer research in the area as an important direction of new drug discovery. In addition, the institute will develop the next generation of small molecule targeted anti-cancer drugs based on our innovative screening platform and starting from natural products such as Chinese herbal medicine, mineral, etc. We will build a brand-new, complete, and globally influential R&D industry chain based on natural products,” Yang Dun, director of the Institute, explained, “we have already proved tumor taming therapies, oncoprotein-targeted polyploidy therapies and oncoprotein syntheticlethaltherapies feasible. We are developing the targeted anti-cancer new drugs and the corresponding efficacy prediction bio-markers based on innovative technology and new biological mechanism.”

“The institute will also promote the development of micro-enterprises by establishing a bio-enterprise incubator with international standards, providing a larger space for the talents in new drug R&D in Chengdu. In addition, we will enhance local technology translation by enhancing cooperation with universities in Southwest China based on advantages of our world-class cancer research team,” Yang Dun said.

“The landing of Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research will further raise the internationalization level of Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town and bring new opportunities for the development of biomedicine industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone,” an official of CDHT said. So far, the Bio-Town has recorded a total of 202 projects, including 41 contracted, 13 proposed. The teams that have projects signed or proposed with the Bio-Town include 2 Nobel laureate teams, 1 national academician team, 4 “Thousand Talents Plan” teams, and 9 overseas returned top talent teams.


Original link: http://enbiotown.cdht.gov.cn/mtjj/48704.jhtml